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The  Economy of the city is largely dependent on tertiary activities, particularly on commercial wholesale and retail services. These economic activities generate substantial income for the city in the form of business taxes generated from permits and license fees.

To boost the economic development of the city, the local government is pursuing the development of the city public market and other major private endeavors like the Baguio Center Mall (BCM)to provide socio-economic opportunities that would reinforce and sustain the continuing economic growth of the city.

Tourism also played a big role in the economy of the city. Tourist traffic has been on the upward trend since after the earthquake. This trend is a potential market for goods and services that can boost the city's economy. Also, the presence of the DOT Regional Office in the city provides better opportunity for coordination and support national tourism programs.

Number of Establishments (New Business Permits)
TYPE 1996 1995 % Change
Manufacturers 54 33 63.64
Wholesalers 83 34 144.12
Retailers 836 479 74.53
Banks & Other Financial Institutions 28 14 100.00
Amusement 25 15 66.67
Real Estate Lessor/Boarding House 151 72 109.72
Subdivision Operators 11  3 266.67
Restaurants, Cafes, Cafeteria, Ice Cream, & Other Refreshment Parlors 103 56 83.93
Hotels, Motels, Inns, Pension/Lodgings 8 6 33.33
Cinema Houses/Theaters 2 2 -
Cable Antennas, TV Network 5 2 150.00
Services/Contractors 293 153 91.50
Distributors 14 - 100.00
Contractors 95 35 171.43
Importer / Exporter 7 - 100.00
TOTAL 1,715 904 89.71

Data Source: CTO


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