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Schedule of Activities



Location (all in Baguio)


June 30 Deadline of submission of application forms Office of the Congressman,       City Hall 5:00 PM
July 15 & 16 Initial Screening (Trimming down to 30 candidates) Prince Plaza Hotel 1:30 to 6:00 PM
July 29 Pre-selection Pageant (Trimming to 16 candidates) Baguio Convention Center 7:00 PM
August 9 Press Presentation and Selection of Darling of the Press during "Kapihan sa Baguio"  Pilgrims Cafe, La Azotea Bldg., Session Rd. 10:00AM
August 12 Swimwear Competition and Selection of Miss Body beautiful Poolside, Baguio Country Club 11:00 AM
August 19 Ms. Talent Hotel Supreme 7:30 PM
August 25 Social Night Spirits Discotheque 8:00 PM
August 31 Coronation Night Baguio Convention Center 8:00 PM


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