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Qualifications & Requirements


1.  Single (no children). 2.  16-25 years of age (applicatns below 18 years of age must seek their parents'/guardian's consent).  At least 5'2" in height. 3.  Must possess good moral character.  5.  A resident of Baguio for not less than a year on May 2000.  6.  Filipino citizen.  7.  Not a title-holder of previous official search for Miss Baguio.  8.  Should pass the screening.


1.  Certified true copy of birth certificate.  2. Barangay clearance.  3.  Certificate of good moral character from the local head of the candidates' religious sect or group, school principal and/or guidance counselor.  4.  Waiver of parents/guardian, allowing the participant to join all levels of the search.  5.  Must attend rehearsals and activities in line with the search.  6.  If chosen, willing to represent Baguio in activities within and outside of the city, and will be the official candidate of Baguio in any national contest.  7.  Two (2) colored pictures (3R); 1 full size; 1 close-up.  

All application forms complete with the requirements, must be submitted personally by the candidate not later than June 30, 2000 at the following offices:

1.  The Office of the Congressman, Baguio City Hall

2.  Bodybase Aerobics Centre, Rm 8 Laperal Bldg, Session Road

For inquiries please contract:

The Secretariat, c/o Mr. Isagani Liporda or Ms. Joy Ronquillo, Office of the Congressman, Baguio City Hall, Telephone #443-9885 or

Bodybase Aerobics Center, Room 8, Laperal Building, Session Road, Baguio City, Telephone #444-9798

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